Saudi Arabia Opens Visa-Free Pilgrimage to EU, UK, and US Residents

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently made a significant announcement, stating that individuals with permanent residency status in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US) can now undertake the Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia without the need for a visa.

This initiative comes as part of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to simplifying the process of performing Umrah, ensuring top-notch services, and enriching the cultural and spiritual journey for pilgrims, in alignment with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Under this new policy, eligible individuals can conveniently plan their pilgrimage using the Nusk app and even have the option to begin their Umrah as soon as they arrive in the country.

Furthermore, the Kingdom has expanded its visa-on-arrival services to residents of these regions, whether they’re entering for Umrah or tourism purposes, extending this privilege to their immediate family members as well.

Moreover, travelers also have the option to perform Umrah using a transit visa, particularly if they are flying with a Saudi airline. Umrah holds profound significance in Islamic tradition, often referred to as the “lesser pilgrimage” compared to the Hajj, and can be undertaken at any time of the year, unlike the Hajj, which has specific dates based on the Islamic lunar calendar.

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