A Guide to Obtaining the UAE Golden Visa for Non-Employed Individuals

Since its inception in 2019, the UAE Golden Visa has transformed the landscape of residency programs, offering a coveted 10-year residency option for individuals with diverse talents and investments. With a remarkable 52% increase in issuances in the first half of 2023 alone, the Golden Visa has become a game-changer in attracting global talent and investors to the UAE. This guide aims to delve into the specifics of securing the prestigious Golden Visa without traditional employment, exploring the categories, benefits, and application process in detail.

Benefits of the UAE Golden Visa:
The UAE Golden Visa presents a multitude of advantages for recipients:

  1. Family Residence Permits: Including spouses, children up to 25 years old, unmarried daughters without age restrictions, and provisions for children of determination.
  2. Flexibility in Domestic Worker Sponsorship: Golden Visa holders enjoy flexibility in sponsoring domestic workers, facilitating ease of living in the UAE.
  3. Continuous Validity: The visa remains valid regardless of the duration spent outside the UAE, providing long-term security and stability.

Eligibility Criteria for Non-Employed Applicants:
The Golden Visa program caters to five main categories of non-employed individuals:

  1. Property Buyers: Individuals investing in property worth Dh2 million or more, with the recent removal of the Dh1 million down payment requirement in Dubai.
  2. Cash Deposit: High-net-worth individuals can qualify by depositing Dh2 million in a local bank for two years, with some banks offering assistance in obtaining the Golden Visa.
  3. Entrepreneurs: Owners or partners in UAE SME startups generating annual revenues of at least Dh1 million or having previously sold a project for no less than Dh7 million.
  4. Scientists and Researchers: Candidates with significant achievements in fields such as engineering, technology, life sciences, and natural sciences, holding a PhD or Master’s Degree from top universities.
  5. Outstanding Students: High-performing students in UAE secondary schools, graduates from UAE universities, and the top 100 universities worldwide, based on academic performance and university ranking.

Application Process:
To apply for the UAE Golden Visa without traditional employment, follow these steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility: Identify your eligibility under one of the five categories based on your investment, achievements, or academic performance.
  2. Document Collection: Gather necessary documents, including financial records, property deeds, academic certificates, and proof of professional achievements.
  3. Submission: Submit your application through the official UAE visa portal or authorized channels, ensuring all required documents are accurately provided.

The UAE Golden Visa presents an unparalleled opportunity for long-term residency in the UAE, catering to individuals without traditional employment. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, scientist, or student, this program offers a pathway to a prosperous future in the UAE. With its inclusive eligibility criteria and extensive benefits, the Golden Visa serves as a compelling option for a diverse range of applicants seeking to establish roots and thrive in the dynamic environment of the UAE.

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