Fly Jinnah Soars to New Heights: Attains CAT III Certification for Unmatched Safety and Operational Excellence

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Fly Jinnah, a prominent player in Pakistan’s aviation sector since its commencement of flight operations in November 2022, has achieved a significant milestone. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has granted Fly Jinnah clearance to operate CAT III approaches, arrivals, and departures. This certification allows the airline to operate effectively even in conditions of extremely low visibility, showcasing its commitment to safety and operational efficiency.

Fly Jinnah now holds the distinction of being the sole domestic airline in Pakistan with CAT III certification for its entire fleet and all its pilots. This certification is a testament to the airline’s dedication to ensuring a high level of safety and operational capability.

CAT III status is particularly crucial for an airline operating in a region like Pakistan, where adverse weather conditions, such as fog, can pose challenges for air travel between major cities. The certification enables Fly Jinnah to navigate and operate seamlessly in such challenging weather scenarios.

The Category 3 (CAT III) designation within the Instrument Landing System (ILS) is of paramount importance, as it enables precise landing operations in conditions of low visibility. This capability enhances the airline’s ability to maintain flight schedules and provide reliable services to passengers.

In the preceding year, Fly Jinnah received approval from the federal cabinet to expand its operations internationally, following a recommendation from the Aviation Ministry. The airline’s upcoming international destinations include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and the UAE. This expansion underscores Fly Jinnah’s strategic vision for growth and its role as a key player in the regional aviation landscape.

Additionally, Fly Jinnah’s commitment to operational excellence has been recognized by the CAA, which recently ranked the airline as the top performer in domestic flight punctuality. With an impressive on-time departure rate of 87.93%, Fly Jinnah outperformed other domestic carriers, reinforcing its reputation for reliability and punctuality.

This recognition and the CAT III certification further solidify Fly Jinnah’s position as a leader in the aviation industry, demonstrating its focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. As the airline continues to expand its reach and enhance its operational capabilities, passengers can expect a reliable and secure travel experience with Fly Jinnah.

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