Emergency Landing at Islamabad Airport – Private Airline’s Flight Diverted Due to Bird Strike”

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A private airline’s flight bound for Karachi from Islamabad was forced to return to the airport shortly after takeoff due to a bird-strike incident.

On Friday at 10:48 a.m., flight PA-201 took off from Islamabad airport. Details indicate that a bird struck the Airbus A-320’s upper side glass shortly after departure.

Promptly notifying Islamabad airport’s air traffic control, the pilot requested clearance for an emergency landing. Approximately twenty-four minutes post-takeoff, the aircraft performed a go-around and returned to the airfield. Engineers examined and deemed it fit for flight. The flight resumed its journey to Karachi, departing at 12:43 pm.

A few weeks prior, a Qatar Airways plane had a close encounter during its Karachi-bound flight from Doha, colliding with a bird near the runway. Fortunately, the aircraft landed safely. Post-landing inspection by civil aviation officials revealed bird blood and feathers in the engine.

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